Dr Gijsbert Stoet

Monday, January 13 2014 at 7:00PM

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72a Waterloo Street

Dr Gijsbert Stoet

What's the talk about?

It is of enormous importance to study the psychological differences between men and women scientifically. For example, such research can ultimately help to understand why men and women suffer to different degrees from a number of mental disorders, why boys and girls do not always perform equally in schools, and why there are not equal numbers of men and women working in every profession.


In this talk, Gijsbert will discuss how research of gender differences is difficult to discuss without getting into ideological discussions.


Interestingly, both the left and right extremes of the political spectrum seem surprisingly united in rejecting a common sense approach to research of gender differences, especially when it come to accepting the role of biology in gender differences and sexuality. Stoet discusses how the influence of ideology severely limits the positive effect research could potentially have on dealing with existing gender gaps in society.


Gijsbert Stoet is an internationally renowned psychologist, currently working a Reader in Psychology at the University of Glasgow. Dr. Stoet is originally Dutch, and has worked a long time in England, Germany, and the USA. His current research focuses on cognitive psychology, education, and achievement gaps between men and women. His research is regularly covered in the national and international media.


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The Admiral Bar

72a Waterloo Street

19:00 for 19:30


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