Monday, June 10 2013 at 6:30PM

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72a Waterloo Street


What's the talk about?

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Glasgow Skeptics and Bright Club host an evening of stand-up comedy and top science for this Glasgow Science Festival special.


Let’s talk about sex: the night will kick off with a special insight into “Sperm Warfare”, courtesy of evolutionary biologist Simon Watt (of Channel 4’s BAFTA-winning “Inside Nature’s Giants”).


So you’ve found a healthy, fertile mate, you’ve fought off your rivals and you’ve convinced them that you are what they were looking for. Sorted! But the reproductive race is far from over, my friend. We have entered the realms of Sperm Warfare. Come learn about the devious tricks used by cells, organs and bodies to win the race to fertilisation.


With the audience sufficiently hot and bothered, Simon will go on to host a Bright Club science festival special, with six of Glasgow’s funniest academics and geeky headliner Helen Arney.


Don’t miss it!  Tickets are available on eventbrite now!